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Singer/Band:Zac Brown Band

Movie:Forest Gump

Actor/Actress:Tom Hanks

Book:Don't remember the last time I've read a whole book....

Sport:Baseball (Go Yankees!)

TV Show:Parks and Rec

Holiday:4th of July!

Restaurant(s):I just like food

Food:Chicken Parm has got to be the best meal on the planet

Place to Shop:Bass Pro Shops

What's on your iPod?A TON of Country music and Rock n' Roll

What CD is on your CD player right now?Drew Baldrige's new album!

Pets?Got 3 cats and my dog Maggie

What is your favorite cereal?Lucky Charms

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?Ain't nobody got time for that

What is your favorite ice cream?Straight chocolate

Favorite smells:Fresh cut grass or campfire

What is your favorite lunch meat?Buffalo Chicken!

Do you still have your tonsils?Yup!

Would you bungee jump?Hell yeah!

Pet Peeves:When people don't use their blinkers while driving!


What's up it's Ryan Connors A.K.A. RyGuy! A little bit about me, well when I'm not jammin' out to some country music with you in the studio you can usually find me outside either hiking some mountains or on my kayak doing some fishing! I've had a passion for broadcasting that dates back to when i was in 7th grade and I started announcing baseball games in my home town or Niskayuna! Thanks for tuning in on the weekends!


Singer/Band: Rascal Flatts

Movie: Comedies All Day

Actor/Actress: Jennifer Anitston

Book: SKIP

Sport: Hockey

TV Show: The League

Holiday: The one where I get off from work...

Restaurant(s): The Black Bear Inn

Food: Mac & Cheese

Place to Shop: Amazon

What's on your iPod? Everything...

What CD is on your CD player right now? Nothing...

Pets? Jake… (Not the Morning Show Host)

What is your favorite cereal? Apple Jacks

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Velcro is a thing… right?

What is your favorite ice cream? Fireworks from Stewarts

Favorite smells: Ocean Spray, not the Juice, but the smell you get at the beach!

What is your favorite lunch meat? Olive Loaf!

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes?

Would you bungee jump? I would bungee jump AGAIN!

Pet Peeves: When a waiter or waitress asks you if you are done with your plate, when there is nothing left!


Three things I can't live with out are Music and Dancing. I also took entry level math three times and failed it all four times. So since math obviously wasn't working out I found my calling working with music. But since my singing sounds about the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard I took the next best option and decided to work with people who can sing and dance!


Singer/Band: Keith Urban

Movie: A Few Good Men

Actor/Actress: Sean Connery/Meryl Streep

Book: Dr Suess

Sport:  Baseball

TV Show: Judge Judy

Holiday: Easter

Restaurant(s): The Olde Pink House- Savannah GA

Food: Chinese

Place to Shop: Crossgates

What's on your iPod? I dont have one- I listen to the CAT

What CD is on your CD player right now?- See above  

Pets? Not responsible enough

What is your favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? NO Way

What is your favorite ice cream? Butter Pecan

Favorite smells: Gasoline

What is your favorite lunch meat? Pepperoni

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes, wanna play hockey?

Would you bungee jump? I'm good.

Pet Peeves: Online surveys


Skywalker grew up on Long Island where it is law that you attend SUNY Albany. While Sky did not abide by this law all his friends did so he has a reputation in the "Indian Quad". He loves radio, Yankees and Kelly Ripa. The Kelly Ripa restraining order expires in 2016.



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